Who is melissa leo dating

Leo seemed overwhelmed when she stepped up to receive her Oscar and let a 'F-word' slip out on the movie industry's biggest night. Leo was nominated for an Oscar two years ago for her lead role in Frozen River, an arthouse drama that grossed just .5 million at the North American box office.

She has a small venue for them downstairs to get funny, or funnier, which serves as a practice place.Having dreamt of such an opportunity, I was a bit baffled and confused. Expecting to play a godly, deeply humbled, wise gentlewoman, I did not mean for my character to be mean. You have to take the map presented to you.” Reverend Mother Melissa, may the peace — and award — be with you. Judge Judy‘s birthday party was in a private room at Daniel. Directed by Laurie Collyer, the film stars Thompson as a woman who cares for her aging mother while working at a jail.She gets assigned to accompany a rowdy prisoner (Leo) on an emergency furlough to visit her dying mother, but the duo's trip goes haywire.

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