Webbie sexually harassed rocsi on 106 & park

We told you earlier about Webbie lashing out at BET and Rocsi Diaz, saying he had been banned for making lewd comments towards her. When Webbie made comments about certain parts of his body in connection to host Rocsi, she refused to be subjected to his vulgar and lewd coments.

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‘Oh he was banned.’ I think that…in any light that a woman feels she was disrespected and I have thick skin…but when you’re at a job and someone sexually harasses you in a manner that is very vulgar and disgusting.

You're really out of line right now."Rocsi continued to express frustration regarding the perceived support Webbie received after the incident took place, and his refusal to apologize for his behavior."It was really inappropriate, it's really sad and I just hope that he understands it," she said. It's been more of an upsetting incident [for Webbie] because he can't be on BET."While Rocsi revealed that the rapper's management did call and attempt to make amends, Webbie not only failed to admit his misconduct, he repeatedly threatened her co-host, Terrence J, with whom he claims she is romantically involved."I love his music, but to have someone that you were a genuine fan of ...

there's a manner in which you speak to people, and he disrespected me.

I be here with my dogs, we ain’t trippin all day…My n*gga talking ‘bout what’s the best way to get a bad b*tch?

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