Sex and the city speed dating scene

Where they get sex and how they get sex shows the gulf in class.If you are a big boy in Lagos, you are most likely not going to a brothel or a strip club to get laid.

Lagos is the city of hustles and sex is one of them.Yes, after partying hard in Quilox or any other club on the Island, there are a lot of call girls waiting for a rich dude to pick them up.Sometimes they get lucky and some days they don't.At Unique Gentlemen, a strip club on Ogundana street, off Allen Avenue, the price for entrance is N1,000 on weekdays. Prostitution is illegal in Nigeria, but many brothel owners and men of the police force have found a way around this.This understanding has helped many brothels flourish without disturbance. If you are looking for something longer, the fee depends on your negotiating skills. For the ladies on the road, N2,000 for short time is pretty much the average.

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