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DC Rob Poutney, who has been investigating, said: 'This camera is recovered property, and it's hard to say when and where the camera was taken, but we're keen to make sure it gets back to its owners.

'It's likely to be from an address in Loughborough.

The little village of Great Glen is a peaceful haven, replete with tree-lined lanes and swathes of picturesque green fields with sheep grazing.

Cuthbert – this latter fact probably influencing the naming of Great Glen’s present St.

Cuthbert’s Church, which contains two carved stones predating the conquest; believed to date from as far back as the 8th century.

As Leicester became a hotbed for the Industrial revolution, small-scale industry became prominent in Great Glen during the 19th century, with most of the population working as framework-knitters.

Leicester is a city with a spellbinding history, spanning over 2,000 years in which it has played a significant part in everything from the Roman conquest of Britain to the age of the ‘Angry Young Men’, influential mid-20th century realist British playwrights.

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