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Although current medical literature estimates that genetics only contribute about 30% of the risk for developing an autoimmune (AI) condition, it’s a good place to start.

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The majority of us fall victim to the ritualistic pattern of (delicious) consumption followed by the inevitable regret of stuffing ourselves to discomfort as we binge on larger-than-average amounts of rich foods, sugar and festive alcoholic concoctions.

But Rocchio, who was in her mid- 20s at the time and working as an environmental specialist, was perpetually exhausted, developing severe allergies, struggling with blood sugar control and facing infertility.

How do they fight colds and flu during winter months, and what do they do if a seasonal bug strikes?

These five naturopathic doctors give us some valuable insights.

US News & World Report: Antibiotics Screwed up My Gut, Now What?

“Better safe than sorry” were Andrea Duclos’ famous last words.

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