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view, and click on the Grid View control in the visual editor. Notice that you can define the properties of that field on the right-hand side, including the Header Text that will display at the top of the column in the Grid View.You can set various useful properties such Visible and Html Encode that will apply to the entire column.

Web Controls; public partial class _Default : System.

The Item Template is used when the row is in view (display) mode, and the Edit Item Template is used when the row is in edit mode. Replace the Text Box with a Drop Down List control to the Title field.

We will only allow the user to select from a list of values, managed by a completely separate Share Point list.

On Row Data Bound by using `Find Control` will get the dropdown list and then bind it with our Data Table.

Bonus : Now in edit mode we will set gridview dropdown list selected value as it displays before edit mode.

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