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An art exhibit for Karakara-kemuri's hugely popular manga Laughing Under the Clouds will be coming to Ikebukuro, Tokyo. But in the past year or so in Japan, the likes of 7-Eleven and Lawson have begun offering some really great tasting an... Vanguard G is slated for 37 episodes beginning July 19t... Up until fairly recently, convenience stores may have not been your first thought when it came to procuring a cup of hot coffee.With Godzilla now serving as Tokyo's tourism ambassador, of course the King of Monsters was granted official Japanese residency papers!The copies of said residency papers were handed out to the first 3,000 fans who wants proof. Hier vind je alle inspiratie voor jouw ultieme reis naar dit geweldige eiland.

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Hier vind je alle inspiratie voor jouw ultieme reis naar dit geweldige eiland.Kom te weten wat het mooiste strand is en waar de beste golven zijn of geef zelf tips.Hebben we jouw Bali avontuur geprikkeld en weet je welke plekken je wilt bezoeken?The 28th issue of this year's Weekly Shonen Jump revealed that the Dragon Ball Super anime will premiere on July 5th. Last week, Xseed announced that Corpse Party: Blood Drive is coming to North America, and the publisher has now shared a few more details via their blog.The said series will replace Dragon Ball Z Kai, which will end a week before Super's premiere. novel's manga adaptation also streamed The anime studios Kyoto Animation began streaming an English-subtitled commercial on Tuesday to promote the upcoming "KYOANI & DO FAN DAYS 2015 (This Is What We Are Now! Xseed say that there will no censorship in Corpse Party: Blood Drive, barring any complicatio...

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