Dating a silverface amp

It brings back the 11-step detented Gain control that was missing from Version 2 with an additional stage of FET. Optical control means it preserves your signal, plus no pot to wear out. I wont be knocking the bolt on models, theyre great guitars, but this thing isexciting!

It features an extra octave of bass coverage, giving a natural sound to your guitar. Russian made, built like a tank and clean shape other than Velcro on the bottom. Adrian Vandenberg was with Whitesnake and was one of the top rock players during this era.

We changed it to a Master volume and tone, with a push-pull on the tone to get single coil tones out of both pickups.

If youre a collector you know these are few and far between. Includes tidy original case that hugs the body all around and trem arm.

The body is a one piece mahogany and the guitar has the neck attached by way of a set-through construction.

A combinationof a set-neck and a neck-through construction.

Other than two small touch-ups on the back edge (shown here), this guitar is in beautiful condition all around.

Pickups were swapped out from the original 57 Classics to a set of Fralin Big Singles (0/pair), which are noted for their more articulate single coil tonewithout the hum of a single coil.

In addition, it has been wired for the volume controls on top; tones on bottom, rather than side/side.

This Fulltone Guitar Pedal makes you comfortable on your pedal board, and its large Volume and Drive knobs provide easy adjustment onstage. Active control means it will work well with other effects and in effects loops. He was very involved in the development of this guitar including the very distinctive body shape which is slightly arched top with "fiddle cuts" at the bass and treble waist.

It also has a beveled carve in the treble cutaway similar to an ESP Horizon Custom.

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