Camps for handicapped adults

The kit contains the Association’s school training curriculum, pre- and post-test questions, a sample Diabetes Medical Management Plan and other information.Content of the toolkit include: Diabetes Care Tasks At School: What Key Personnel Need To Know Check out our 13 Power Point module online training curriculum designed to train school staff in diabetes care tasks.

The Association has many training and support materials that can prepare and educate school staff to provide needed care to students with diabetes.

Both the dialogue book and the encyclical will be available at the February 6th meeting.

For more information please contact Teresa at 250- 515- 1978.

Diabetes Medical Management Plan (DMMP) The Diabetes Medical Management Plan (DMMP) prescribes the health care provider orders for all diabetes care provided in the school setting.

This individually developed plan is developed and signed by the student’s diabetes provider.

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