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Um psicólogo forense (Morgan Freeman) de Washington viaja até a Carolina do Norte para investigar o aparente seqüestro de sua sobrinha, que desapareceu do campus universitário em meio a outros sequestros similares.

Ele está praticamente certo que as jovens vítimas dos recentes seqüestros estão vivas, pois quem está executando estes raptos é um "colecionador".

So here we go with one more useful expression in case you are at a stadium: Ei juiz! Obviously, when you first think of Brazil your mind is immediately drawn to that silhouette of Jesus standing high above the Cidade Maravilhosa, and so it should be.

) We love soccer, so there are many slangs which came from this sport. Not only were all of our expectations fulfilled, they were exceeded day by day.

No entanto, ele não sabe se sua sobrinha está entre as possíveis vítimas, mas consegue ser ajudado por uma médica (Ashley Judd) que estava no cativeiro, conseguiu escapar e garante que várias jovens estão vivas, inclusive quem ele procura.

O investigador decide então caçar o seqüestrador, que usa o pseudônimo de "Casanova".

Buuuut, we are here today to prove that you can start your week LEARNING something new, even if it’s Monday 🙂 There’s this new brazilian slang being spread on the internet: “Só que não”. Although we were skeptical, having not used our Portuguese for a good two years after graduating, we were touched by how many people were grateful for us even trying and encouraged us to keep going.

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(I think Justin Bieber is the new Michael Jackson.) __O quê??? Sao Jorge, called Ogum in the Afro-Brazilian religion Umbanda, is one of the most popular saints in Brazil, with the belief that the saint provides protection against any evil for the faithful. Stunning beaches in Fortaleza and Ilha Grande, waterfalls in Paraty, displays of traditinal capoeira in Salvador and the breath taking Iguacu Falls. ) __Ah, ele parece ser legal (Uh, he seems ok/nice) Another slang to say something is “Muito legal”(really cool) is “SHOW DE BOLA“. (This place is really cool) Eg 2: __ Ontem nós nos divertimos muito. What we weren’t expecting is how much more the country has to offer. Eg 1: __Eu acho que o Justin Bieber é o novo Michael Jackson. So when someone says “Obrigado” (you say it if you’re a man) or “Obrigada” (if you’re a woman), brazilians usually reply it saying “De nada” or “Imagina! The saint is known in Europe as England patron, but here in Brazil he is popular especially among cariocas(people from Rio de Janeiro), who enjoy the local holiday going to church, praying and partying. “Pra caramba” is most often used when you don’t want to simply say “muito” (very) and it usually comes in the end of the sencentes. (I’m gonna quit my job tomorrow and after that, I’m gonna travel the world.) __Mentiiiiiira!!! You probably have already heard that brazilians are very hospitable. ” but what we really want to say is “It’s no trouble at all! 😀 Hundreds of people from all parts of Brazil are celebrating Saint George’s Day (Dia de Sao Jorge) in this April, 23rd.

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