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The simplest form of client/server system involves a server application that is accessed directly by multiple clients, referred to as a 2-Tier architectural style.On your presentation tier, you may decide to use a separated presentation pattern (a type of layered design style), such as Model-View-Controller (MVC), for your interaction model.Never give someone your personal email address or any other contact details until you are completely happy to.A combination of architecture styles is also useful if you are building a public facing Web application, where you can achieve effective separation of concerns by using the layered architecture style.I don't think anybody could determine how much I appreciate these people.

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Such patterns are often used to build composite applications that combine and reuse components across multiple applications.Domain Driven Design (DDD) is an object-oriented approach to designing software based on the business domain, its elements and behaviors, and the relationships between them.It aims to enable software systems that are a realization of the underlying business domain by defining a domain model expressed in the language of business domain experts.More generally, however, the client/server architectural style describes the relationship between a client and one or more servers, where the client initiates one or more requests (perhaps using a graphical UI), waits for replies, and processes the replies on receipt.For example, this guide discusses business and data components, which are commonly code classes compiled into .

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